In the world of strength and conditioning
we use a saying that pertains to the human body. We say that the
muscles of the anterior chain (chest, abs) look good, but the posterior
muscles (back, shoulders, glutes, hips, hamstrings) perform good!  The
posterior chain is your athletic and performance powerhouse. This is
important whether or not you are a competitive athlete. I don’t care if
your goal is to just shed a couple of pounds or to be the fittest man or
woman in town. Either way you’ve got to have a strong posterior. 

Working the posterior chain improves
posture, reduces the risk of back injury, increases strength, improves
running speed, improves jumping ability, and will allow you to do more
and more in order for you to enjoy life, period.  This is what protects
your body and gives you a foundation to take on most any sport. I
personally have found this to be the case since I have taken up my Muay
Thai training again. I’ve noticed that I have great power in my punches
and kicks and that this is attributed to the sound training of my
posterior chain which are mostly worked through pulling oriented
movements with the kettlebell such as swings, snatches, and cleans. If I
hadn’t have trained this way as much as I did I would’ve have been
significantly more sore than I was when I started back, and that is
something I don’t even think I could’ve handled. 

You know when you run, kick, jump, or
lift any heavy weight you are engaging the big posterior core muscles.
If you are neglecting yours then you need to get your own bells and start swinging, snatching, and cleaning today! All you need to do is click here to get started. Start training smart today my friend.