Gaddar’s Small donors vs. Big money

With Telangana Rashtra Samithi president K Chandrasekhara Rao facing attacks from his political rivals and people’s organizations from all sides for the goof-up in the Sakala Janula Samme, the focus has once again shifted on to revolutionary singer and Telangana Praja Front president Gaddar.

The balladeer himself has announced that he would build up an alternative political force within six months to achieve the Telangana statehood. He is apparently taking advantage of the negative talk on KCR and the failure of the Telangana political JAC backed by the TRS president in carrying forward the Sakala Janula Samme. He is of the view that all the progressive elements in the Telangana movement would come to his side, since KCR has turned out to be a selfish politician who is only planning to gain political mileage from the movement, rather than achieving statehood  for Telangana.

However, one doubts whether Gaddar has the abilities to replace KCR in the Telangana movement. All said done, KCR is a political manipulator and carries a lot of weight in the Centre. On the other hand, Gaddar is always viewed as a Maoist sympathizer and any movement launched by him would be viewed only in the law and order angle by the Centre. It only makes the Telangana issue more complicated.

Secondly, Gaddar does not have the money power which KCR has to sustain the movement. It requires huge money to organize public meetings, rallies, rasta rokos and rail rokos. One needs to provide vehicles, food and some times liquor to galvanise the agitators.

Initially, Gaddar might get donations from philanthropists to carry the movement and once he runs out of the resources, the agitators would definitely slip out of his front.

“No doubt Gaddar is a potential force to achieve Telangana. But his agitation can only supplement the political movement. He, himself, cannot lead a political outfit,” a JAC leader observed.